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An Introduction to Strategy Deployment Software

Posted by Jeff Roussel

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Nov 20, 2018 11:35:27 AM

double exposure of business documents on office table with laptop computer and man working in the background and social network diagramStrategy deployment, often known in Lean circles as Hoshin Kanri or Policy Deployment, is a technique for ensuring that the strategic goals and objectives are the drivers of every activity throughout the organization. Strategy deployment software supports this effort by serving as the management platform for projects related to the goals. This post covers the benefits and capabilities of the best strategy deployment solutions.

Why Consider Strategy Deployment Software

Your organization may be practicing strategy deployment, but is it getting all it can get out of the approach? Signs that strategy deployment may not have entirely taken hold include:

  • Many stalled or unsuccessful projects in process
  • Long delays for incremental improvements
  • Missed forecasts and budgets
  • Misalignment between senior management and the daily operation of the organization
  • Annual goals that get announced well into the year
  • More projects in progress than can be effectively managed
  • Significant disconnects between this year’s plan and last year’s plan
  • Disengaged employees

If any of that sounds familiar, there’s a good chance that your organization needs more structured strategy deployment. Software might just be the answer.

The Benefits of Strategy Deployment Software

Strategy deployment software offers benefits for leaders and employees alike.


The leadership team is responsible for controlling the direction of the organization and making sure that every effort is made to reach the strategic goals and objectives. Tools that make data collection, analysis, and action easier allow leaders to spend more time on coaching and employee development.

Strategy deployment software creates access and transparency so that leaders can easily see which employees and teams are achieving the key performance indicators that provide insight into how well the strategy has been operationalized.

This information forms the basis for data-driven decisions and increases accountability.

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It is essential that every team member understands the organization’s strategic plan and how their individual goals and objectives fit into the broader picture. They also must know how their progress toward each goal will be tracked and measured.

Strategy deployment software gives employees a way to connect the impact of the improvement work they do, whether it is an incremental improvement or a long-term project. The platform provides a method of tracking tasks, collaborating with peers, and reporting progress. All of this leads to faster improvement and increased engagement.

Turning Ideas into Improvement


The Capabilities of Strategy Deployment Software

Not all strategy deployment solutions are created the same, of course, but there are some essential features that you shouldn’t go without.



Visual Management

The best strategy deployment software offers meaningful visualizations of real-time data that lets leaders instantly gain insight into how well the organization is performing relative to the goals. Visual displays help keep the strategy top of mind even when other day-to-day management pressures arise. Strategy deployment software with visual management also makes it easier for leaders to see when there are roadblocks that are causing friction and stalling projects. When this happens, corrective action can be applied, so that forward progress continues.

Major Strategy Dashboard

Activity and Engagement Reports

In addition to knowing what is happening regarding the strategy, leaders need to know who is active and engaged in projects and improvements that will help achieve mission success. Some solutions even offer improvement broadcasting so that leaders can recognize and reward the people and teams who are most dedicated to positive change.

Workflow with Alerts and Notifications

The strategy deployment solution you select should have the ability to alert team members and managers when they have tasks that are assigned, when others complete tasks, or when due dates are missed.

Configurable Dashboards

Your organization is not exactly like any other. Look for strategy deployment solutions that let you configure the system in a way that fits how you operate. The more the system aligns with your company’s practices and culture, the more easily it will be adopted by your team.

Impact Measurement

People get excited about and engaged in strategy deployment when they see quantifiable results. Executing the strategy means embarking in a series of incremental improvements. Software that allows you to quickly calculate the impact of those improvements against important business metrics will help prove to the organization that the effort is paying off.


Strategy deployment is one of the most critical and challenging obligations of leadership teams. That’s why it makes sense to invest in software designed to make it easier and more effective. For more information, check out this free webinar:

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