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Why Business Leaders are Embracing Idea Software

Posted by Greg Jacobson

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Sep 9, 2014 9:06:00 AM

idea-softwareMore and more business leaders are realizing that improvement and innovation do not happen without intent. This is leading to a rise in the use of business process management techniques such as Kaizen, Six Sigma, and Lean. Leaders are also embracing approaches such as Standard Work and DMAIC. Regardless of whether they use one of these approaches or another one, leaders are consistently realizing that a solution that brings structure to the process of gathering, implementing, and assessing employee suggestions for improvement is a necessary component of positive organizational change. 

Idea software is growing in popularity because:  

1 – Employees Have Great Ideas

Sometimes executive leaders can feel like the burden of solving company problems, creating innovation and eliminating waste falls squarely on them. Responsibility certainly does, but the burden can be shared by inviting employees to contribute ideas for improvement. After all, the people who are closest to customers, production, spending, and service often know exactly which processes need repair, which functions need more resources, and what unnecessary baggage can be jettisoned. Idea software gives leaders a tool for asking them.

2 – People Love Implementing Their Own Ideas

Leaders talk a lot about employee engagement, but often fail to use the best tool for earning it. Letting employees suggest, analyze, implement, and assess the results of their own ideas is a great way to guarantee engagement, personal investment and ultimately, compliance with new procedures and processes.

3 – An Idea Without Structure Is Just A Dream

Ideas are great, but without a structure for documenting, assessing, executing and evaluating them, they are as useful as a daydream. Idea software provides support to the entire process from brainstorming through determining ROI. It is an essential part of the commitment to finding and acting upon the best inspirations your team can produce.

4 – We All Get Busy

It is easy to lose focus on opportunities for improvement when you are too busy trying to make broken process work and win the daily battle to put out fires. Idea software helps individuals and managers keep their eye on the improvement ball with reports, alerts, and notifications that help make sure progress toward improvement continues even in light of day-to-day demands.

5 – Achievement Should Be Recognized Early and Often

Employees who contribute ideas and act to make the best ones a reality should be recognized and rewarded for their efforts. Recognition goes a long way to boosting employee morale and is the best way to ensure more of the conduct that led to the recognition. It starts a cycle of achievement and its impact should not be underestimated.

Harnessing the power of employee ideas is too large of an opportunity to ignore. Suggestion boxes and brainstorming sessions are fine, as far as they go, but they lack the structure that idea software provides to take great inspiration to the next level. Implementing an idea software solution signals to your team that you are ready to invest in making them partners in company success.

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