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The What and Why of CAPA Software

Posted by Maggie Millard

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Jan 23, 2018 8:17:00 AM

Man in suit with cloud head and blue icons on grungy background.jpegCorrective and Preventative Action (CAPA) is an essential ingredient in many quality management strategies. The approach relies on the systematic investigation of the root causes of identified problems or risks. Corrective actions are applied to issues that have occurred (reactive), and preventive actions attempt to eliminate the potential for problems in the future (proactive).

Many organizations have implemented software to support CAPA efforts. While the methodology can be followed with or without technology, applications designed to streamline the process and measure results help companies get more value out of the work.

What Does CAPA Software Do?

While not all solutions are created equally, the best software includes the following features:

Issue Identification

In most cases, front-line employees are the first to recognize an existing problem or the potential for a new one. CAPA software allows them to quickly and easily report these opportunities for improvement the moment they are spotted. The issue is then routed to the appropriate supervisor or leader who can dig into the problem themselves or easily assign it to someone else for investigation.

Project Management

Once an issue has been identified and the team decides to take action to solve the problem or address potential process failures, the CAPA system becomes a project management platform for getting things done. Tasks are assigned to the appropriate individuals even if they are not in the same department. Active alerts and notifications make each person aware of what is due and keep supervisors apprised of the progress of each open issue.

Knowledge Spread and Capture

When a corrective action is taken, the goal is to both solve the existing problem and to prevent it from ever happening again. CAPA software supports this by allowing users to broadcast the resolution of each problem so that everyone has the opportunity to learn what went (or could have gone) wrong and how it was resolved. It also becomes the repository of information about every issue that is tackled so that people can easily search the system for past problems that are similar to those of today. Best practices can be applied, and past mistakes can be avoided.

Impact Measurement

Like any quality management approach, CAPA programs are most likely to succeed when the impact of this work is measured and shared. The best CAPA solutions have a mechanism for measuring the business results of quality improvement in terms of defects, customer satisfaction, cost reduction, and other important business metrics.

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Why do Companies Invest in CAPA Software?

Some of the advantages of implementing a purpose-built CAPA solution are oblivious, while others may be surprising:

More issues are identified and resolved

Making it easy for employees to report an opportunity for improvement from wherever they happen to be at any time of the day or night, more issues are reported and selected for action.

Problems get solved faster

With workflow in place and all of the relevant information readily available, people are able to act quickly to get lasting solutions in place for even the most challenging obstacles.

Employee engagement improves

CAPA software keeps improvement top-of-mind and not buried in spreadsheets and emails. This makes it more likely that people will stay active, keep up with improvement work, and contribute to positive change.

Objectives are aligned

Every team faces limited resources and competing priorities. A CAPA software solution can be configured to align individual, team, and department goals with the overall objectives of the organization. This makes decision-making easier and helps people know exactly which issues should be taken on first.

Great work is rewarded

We mentioned that impact measurement is an important capability of CAPA solutions. One of the reasons this is so crucial is that it allows leaders to recognize and reward the people who are producing outstanding results. This type of acknowledgment underscores a culture of improvement and reinforces executive commitment to the practice.

Collaboration is improved

If you study the need for corrective and preventative action, you will find that many of the most difficult situations occur at the intersection of functions. CAPA software gets everyone in the entire organization on the same page, making it far easier to work together to solve cross-functional problems.

If you want to get better, more lasting, and more measurable results from improvement work, CAPA software is a great way to go. You’ll develop a valuable repository of information, speed the path to improvement, and set your employees up for success.

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