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Mark Graban

Mark Graban is a Senior Advisor at KaiNexus. Mark graduated from Northwestern University in 1995 with a BS in Industrial Engineering and later earned an MS in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He is author of two Shingo Research Award-winning books, and has worked as a consultant to healthcare organizations throughout North America and Europe, teaching and implementing kaizen and other Lean management practices. He was previously a Senior Fellow with the Lean Enterprise Institute and the Healthcare Value Network and continues as an LEI faculty member. Mark is also the founder of the popular LeanBlog.org and its podcast series.
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Recent Posts

Webinar Highlights: See How These Two Elements Spread Improvement

December 28, 2015

At KaiNexus, we're constantly amazed and impressed by our customers. This includes the good folks at Mary Greeley Medical Center in Iowa....

Giving Back: Continuous Improvement in the Non-Profit Sector

May 2, 2017

The other day, somebody shared this excellent article from 2013 about Toyota volunteering their time to help non-profits, from the New York...

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Thoughts on the First KaiNexus User Conference

October 4, 2019

Listen to this post (and subscribe to our podcast):

When I first joined the KaiNexus team in 2011, we were just coming to market and had...

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"Build a Change Platform?" Yes, We Did

September 22, 2015

I first got introduced to the thoughts and teachings of Professor Gary Hamel back in 1997 or so, before I headed off to MIT for grad...

It Would Be More Newsworthy if an Electronic Suggestion Box DID Work

September 7, 2015

Thanks to an automated Google alert that I get on the topic of "suggestion box," I see a news article or blog post almost daily about the...

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5 Essential Elements of Standard Work

July 21, 2016

Just like you look to eliminate waste in your business processes, we think you should look to eliminate waste and simplify your improvement...

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The Continuous Improvement Death Spiral, and How to Get Out of It

August 19, 2015

When we ask customers and webinar attendees about their barriers to continuous improvement, the main thing we hear about is time. “We don’t...

"Practice? We're Talking About Practice?" Yes, Practicing Lean

April 18, 2017

Allen Iverson was a legendary NBA point guard and scorer who played from 1996 to 2011. 

In a 2002 news conference that still appears...

The KaiNexus Continuous Improvement Podcast is Now Available!

August 3, 2015

If you know anything about the way our company works, you know that we take customer feedback very seriously. We go to great lengths to...

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