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Maggie Millard

As the Director of Marketing, Maggie educates the continuous improvement community, KaiNexus customers, executives, managers, and staff in just about every industry you can think of about improvement principles and KaiNexus' continuous improvement software. Her desire to improve the American healthcare system combined with a love of spreading knowledge to the far reaches of the internet inspires her work with KaiNexus every day. Maggie graduated from the College of William and Mary in 2010 with a BA in History. She spends her free time hanging out with her sweet, sticky, stinky new baby and two displaced dogs in the mountains of Virginia.
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Recent Posts

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January 18, 2022

Lean manufacturing is a process improvement methodology that started in the Japanese automotive manufacturing sector after World War II....

What is Policy Deployment and How To Reach True North

December 29, 2021

Policy deployment, known in Lean circles as Hoshin Kanri or Strategy Deployment, is a technique for ensuring that an organization's...

8 Proactive Ways to Improve Team Culture and Engagement

December 13, 2021

While it is a little dated, The Deloitte University Press Global Human Capital Trends 2016 report has probably the most useful definition...