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When Standardization Leads to Inadvertent Comedy

Kids in Quarantine: Advice from Parents

How About COVID-19 AND the Economy?

Answers to COVID-19 Quiz: Test Your Knowledge and Learn More

4 Questions for Today [COVID-19]

Guest Post: Sabbath and COVID-19

10 Things You Think Are Safe - That Actually Aren't [COVID-19]

How Schools Are Sparking Joy in Times of Crisis

Your Questions Answered for "Ask Docs Anything About Covid-19" Webinar

A List of COVID-19 Resources to Help Clear Things Up

The Questions People Asked for "Ask Docs Anything About Covid-19" Webinar

Why the Public & Healthcare Response to COVID-19 Has Me Fuming

COVID-19: What the Heck Does Exponential Mean?

What You Can Do to Save People TODAY [COVID-19]

KaiNexus' Response to COVID-19

Bonus Insights You Get from Digital Continuous Improvement

Real Life Examples of the 7 Wastes of Lean

21 Employee Engagement Activities that Work

Is Employee Engagement Software Worth the Effort?

Continuous Quality Improvement is Hard to Sustain. We Know Why.

Good processes create good results. Simple, but not easy.

4 Strategies to Improve Cross Functional Collaboration

Checklist for Planning an Awesome Kaizen Event

What if Your Team Isn't Finding New Opportunities for Improvement?

Put Your Suggestion Box Online to Help Avoid Becoming The Office?

7 Proactive Ways to Improve Workplace Culture and Engagement

What if There Was a Red Carpet for Positive Change?

Employee Engagement Ideas to Try in the New Year

Three Insights Into Operational Excellence

Increasing ROI Increases ROI

5 Easy Improvement Ideas to Get Ready for 2020

Leadership Techniques for Overcoming Resistance to Change

Employee Engagement in 2020 – Meeting the Needs of Millennials

Leadership Lessons from Motivational Interviewing

3 Noteworthy Continuous Improvement Books from 2019

Digital Continuous Improvement – A New Approach for a New Age

What Do Lean and Improv Have In Common?

The Art of Asking Good Coaching Questions

Why is Kaizen Such a Popular Name for Sushi Restaurants?

Did Microsoft Hack Employee Productivity with a 4 Day Work Week?

Celebrating Mary Greeley Medical Center

Picking the Right Lean Tools for the Job

What I Learned by Leaving Toyota

Fundamental Skills Every Project Manager Must Master

4 Big Improvement Ideas to Set the Stage for Success in 2020

The Case for Investing in Improvement Technology in a Recession

What is Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®)?

Beyond the Problem – Bonus Benefits of Kaizen Events

Trick or Treat? The Scary Facts About Employee Engagement

Should Lean Tools Be Used for Every Improvement?

24 Business Process Improvement Examples to Prime the Pump

High Reliability Culture – The Not-so-Secret Sauce

10 Leadership Behaviors that Promote Operational Excellence

Podcast: How Daily Tiered Huddles Work at Cleveland Clinic

5 Compelling Reasons to Measure the Improvement Work

How to Introduce CQI to New Hires

Strategy Deployment Tips for 2020

A Quick Guide to the Kaizen Methodology

Kaizen and the Art of Kintsugi: Redefining Perfection

13 Essential Process Improvement Tools

Setting Up Your Balanced Scorecards in KaiNexus

The Motivation-Hygiene Theory of Employee Engagement

French Fries and the Culture Imperative

The Lean Linchpin: Middle Managers

How’s Your Lean Software Implementation Working Out?

2 Popular Process Improvement Methodologies Explained

How to Navigate the Transformation Continuum | Webinar Recap

5 Pillars of an Effective Employee Engagement Strategy

The 10 Principles of Operational Excellence

Easy-to-Try Process Improvement Examples

A Structured Approach to Problem-Solving | Webinar Recap

6 Things People Need to Hear About Kaizen Events

More Brilliantly Simple Continuous Improvement Techniques

The Reasons Employee Engagement Software Usually Fails

Hints for Creating a Kaizen Training Plan

How to Navigate the Hoshin Kanri Planning Process

#TargetDown is an Opportunity for Improvement

Problem Solving at Cleveland Clinic

Tiered Daily Huddles at Cleveland Clinic

Real-Time Lessons Learned from John Toussaint

How to Evaluate Visual Project Management Tools

Does Putting Your Employee Suggestion Box Online Help?

Improve DMAIC Process Results with Improvement Software

Kaizen Program Management – The Fundamentals

How to Justify, Evaluate, and Implement Kaizen Software Solutions

Framed to Fit: Why Managers Endorse Ideas

What is Visual Project Management?

What is Total Quality Management?

8 Ways Kanban Board Software Changes the Game

3 Thought Provoking Business Process Improvement Examples

6 Tips for Crowdsourcing Innovation Ideas

Which Lean Manufacturing Tools Can Improvement Software Enhance?

Enter to Win a Signed Copy of "Measures of Success"

When Being Right is the Wrong Strategy for Change

What to Look for in an Event Reporting System

Your Seven-Minute Guide to Strategy Deployment Software

Kaizen Process - Roles and Responsibilities

11 Essential Elements of a Kaizen Event Charter

2019 Continuous Improvement Printing Conference

The Lean Manufacturing Cheat Sheet

8 Ways Virtual Huddle Boards Accelerate Improvement

What Happens When You Take a Kaizen Approach to Improvement?

Synchronize Strategy, Tactics, and Operations with Hoshin Kanri

When Daily Huddles Go Astray

How Hoshin Planning Aligns with PDSA

The Truth About Electronic Suggestion Boxes

Master Improvement with Kata Software

A Step-by-Step Walkthrough of the DMAIC Process

Why Some Hoshin Kanri Implementations Go Wrong

13 Vital Operational Excellence Software Capabilities

Visual Management Software Features that Excite Executives

Common Excuses for Neglecting the Continuous Improvement Cycle

What Changes When an Organization Implements a Lean Management System?

An 11 Step Gemba Walk Template for Executive Leaders

Introducing: The KaiNexus Partner Program

6 Excellent Reasons to Consider Lean Construction Software

What Other Industries Have Learned from Lean Manufacturing

How One Community Hospital is Creating a Culture of CI

Two Things Employee Engagement Software Must Do

5 Principles of a High Reliability Organization (HRO)

The Journey Toward Performance Excellence

How to Use Process Behavior Charts to Improve: Case Studies

10 Continuous Improvement Questions to Ask in Every Interview

What High-Reliability Organizations Have in Common

Webinar | Metrics & Statistics Don't Have to be Scary

How Change Management Software Promotes Innovation

What it Takes to Improve Workplace Culture

How to Sell Lean Software to Your CEO

What is Leader Standard Work?

21 Questions to Help You Apply the Principles of Lean Management

KaiNexus vs. SharePoint

What it Takes to Achieve Operational Excellence

7 Signs That Your Organization Needs Visual Task Management

Lean Management System Implementation Tips

I RESOLVE... to Continuously Improve in 2019

The Pros and Cons of Moving Your Employee Suggestion Box Online

6 Reasons Lean Project Management Initiatives Flop

Your Kaizen Board Software Selection Guide

The Lean Visual Management Tools Your Team Will Love

Common Questions About the Hoshin Kanri X-Matrix

15 Essential Continuous Improvement Tracking Software Features

Hoshin Planning 101

How to Evaluate Continuous Improvement Systems

Resolutions to Help Achieve Your Process Improvement Goals in 2019

How to Select Lean Management Software [eBook Preview]

What Are the Most Popular Methods for Managing Continuous Improvement?

9 Reasons to Consider a Digital Kanban Management Tool

How Software can Turbocharge Your DMAIC Process

The Essential Features of Visual Project Management Software

What Should You Include in Your Hoshin Kanri Training Materials?

Improvement Kata - A Workout for Kaizen

9 Reasons to Use an Online Idea Board in 2019

Looking for the Best Change Management Software? Here’s Your Guide.

How to Apply Lean Principles Beyond Work

How to Apply the A3 Problem-Solving Methodology

Buyer’s Guide to Lean Software for Healthcare

The Lean Thinking Behind Popular Improvement Techniques

What to Include in Your Kaizen Event Template

4 Essential Hoshin Planning Tools

The Perfect Template for Planning Your Kaizen Event

Using a Structured Continuous Improvement Cycle? Software Can Help.

What's an Idea Worth? The ROI of Continuous Improvement

The Fundamentals of a Lean Deployment Plan

An Introduction to Strategy Deployment Software

How To Measure the ROI of Continuous Improvement Efforts

3 Awesome Benefits of Lean Project Management Software

Should I Use a Free Kanban Board Excel Template?

Common Strategy Deployment Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

The Connection between Civic Engagement and Employee Engagement

The Bedrock Principles of Continuous Quality Management

5 Incredibly Powerful Lean Visual Management Tools

6 Requirements for Effective Strategy Deployment

Perseverance: Why It Matters & How to Develop It

Shake Up the Status Quo by Crowdsourcing Innovation

Get More Impact from Improvement with Digital Visual Management

Why Software Needs to be Part of Your Lean Strategy

Toyota, Bourbon, and Continuous Improvement

How Digital Idea Boards Accelerate Innovation

Lean Management Software: Why, What, and How?

10 Common Standard Work Mistakes

What Changes When You Implement Kaizen Software?

6 Principles of the Continuous Improvement Model

How to Increase Adoption of Kaizen Software from the Get-Go

13 Indispensable Lean and Six Sigma Tools and Techniques

The Lean Healthcare Code

How to Have Better Team Huddles

What Kind of Businesses Need Lean Software?

What is Lean Healthcare?

How Software Enables Lean Leadership

How to Craft and Implement a Strategy Deployment Plan

The Hidden Costs of Using Excel for Continuous Improvement

How to Spread the Kaizen Mindset

How to Develop a Kaizen Management Style

How to Establish a Foundation for Process Improvement in Healthcare

How to Get Senior Leaders Excited About Hoshin Kanri Software

9 of Our Favorite Performance Improvement Methods

How to Introduce Continuous Improvement Software to Employees

The Fundamentals of the Lean Methodology

6 Reasons Organizations Fail to Achieve Continuous Improvement Goals

Who Should be Involved in Lean?

What to Include in Your Kaizen Event Charter

The Best Alternative to a Kanban Board in Excel

A Gemba Walk Checklist for Lean Leaders

Who Should Participate in Kaizen?

What to Include on Your Gemba Walk Agenda

Webinar Preview: A Chat with Oscar Roche About TWI & Kata

The Best and Worst Practices for Crowdsourcing Innovation

Engaging Leaders & the Baldrige Framework to Advance Excellence

7 Reasons to Consider Kanban Software

Who Should be Involved in Strategy Deployment?

Hottest Trend in Business? Internally Crowdsourced Innovation

Using Hoshin Kanri to Align & Coordinate Lean Strategy [WEBINAR]

Lean Tools for Healthcare

An Example Kaizen Event Agenda

How to Introduce Kaizen to New Employees

The Benefits of Using an X-Matrix for Strategy Deployment

Pro Tips for a Successful Kaizen Event

How to Use A3 Thinking in Everyday Life [WEBINAR]

Top Signs that You Need Lean Construction Software

How to Introduce Your Team to Hoshin Kanri

Best Practices for Standard Work Documentation

What Sets Lean Organizations Apart?

Idea Management Software’s Place in a Modern Business Culture

A Deep Dive into A3 Thinking [WEBINAR]

8 Ways Software Makes Idea Boards More Effective

An Overview of A3 Management

How to Quantifiably Evaluate the Health of Your Improvement Culture

Different Ways of Getting Started with Lean Healthcare

Explaining Kaizen Software to Aunt Martha at the Family Reunion

Back to Basics - 6 Principles of Lean Healthcare

7 Hoshin Kanri Implementation Tips That Really Work

The CAPA Software Buyer’s Guide

The Experts Weigh in on the Biggest Hoshin Kanri Mistakes

10 Ways to Build a Culture that Supports CQI

8 Valuable Lean and Six Sigma Tools To Try

Common Questions About the DMAIC Improvement Cycle

Why You Need to At Least Consider a Digital Kanban Board

Our Best Tips for a Successful Kaizen Event

Causes and Solutions for Resistance to Lean in Construction

3 Questions to Ask Your Staff to Increase Engagement in Kaizen

Everyday Examples of Visual Management

Strategies for Driving Collaboration Across Organizations [Webinar]

Are You Making One of These Idea Board Mistakes?

Common Questions about Lean Management Systems

When Leaders Collaborate: Lean Transformation [Webinar Overview]

Common Questions About Kanban Boards

Is it Time to Rethink Your Daily Huddle Board?

Lean Healthcare Articles Everyone Needs To Read

How Lean in Public Schools Applies to Everyone [Webinar]

Fundamental Process Control Chart Concepts

How Software Supports Each Stage of the DMAIC Improvement Cycle

Considering Change Management Software? Don’t Overlook Reporting.

Big Mistakes Made by Healthcare Organizations Implementing Lean

April Fool! Announcing New “KaiNexus Suggestion Box” Functionality

Why is Hoshin Kanri so Valuable?

Essential Features and Top Benefits of a Lean Management System

How Digital Visual Management Spreads Improvement

Transforming a Culture with Surveys and Leader Standard Work

How to Choose a Kaizen Management System

How to Share Standard Work

 A Deep Dive into A3 Thinking [Webinar]

How to Choose the Best Lean Construction Software

When to Use a Kaizen Event vs. Daily Kaizen

How to Actually Enjoy a More Productive Gemba Walk

10 Things a Digital Kaizen Board Can Do That a Paper One Can’t

12 Valuable CQI Tools and Techniques

The Pros AND Cons of Digital Kanban Boards

6 New Ideas for Making Your Idea Boards Even Better

How to Evaluate the Success of a Continuous Improvement Department

An Invaluable Change Management Software Selection Guide

Home Runs and Strategy Deployment

Lean Software Is Not Just for Manufacturing Companies

How a Lean Adoption Strategy for Public Schools Applies to Everyone

Much of What People Say About Kaizen Events is Wrong

9 Brilliantly Simple Continuous Quality Improvement Techniques

What the KaiNexus Team Saw and Heard Visiting a Toyota Plant

3 Arguments Against Kaizen Tracking in Spreadsheets

Webinar Preview: How to Use A3 Thinking in Everyday Life

Lean Management System FAQs

The Toyota Way to Service Excellence, with Lean Frontiers

The Pocket Sensei: Mastering Lean Leadership One Lesson at a Time

The What and Why of CAPA Software

Our Best 6 Tips for Implementing Lean Construction

What the KaiNexus Team Expects to See When We Visit Toyota

How Software Amplifies the Impact of Kaizen

Leadership, Standard Work, and Sustainment: Q&A

8 Sure Fire Ways to Ruin a Kaizen Event

9 Answers to the Most Common Questions About Gemba Walks

How to Make a Smart Decision About What Improvement Platform is Best

Critical Continuous Improvement Goals for 2018

The 2017 The Lean Management System Blog Roundup

How to Set Continuous Improvement Goals to See Real Results

The Use of Control Charts for Non-Manufacturing Activities

From Paper to Software: The Evolution of A3 Problem Solving

7 Tips for Asking Your Boss for a Bigger Continuous Improvement Budget

How Hoshin Kanri Attacks 9 Tough Improvement Challenges

The Essential CQI (Continuous Quality Improvement) Glossary

Why More People Look for Continuous Improvement Software in December

A Quick Guide to DMAIC for Beginners

A Pro Tip for Getting More Out of Your Investment in Lean Consultants

What to do After a Kaizen Event so Improvement Doesn’t End

You Can Improve Without Kaizen Software. But Why Would You Want To?

How to Give a Knock-Out Presentation So Your Boss Will Buy KaiNexus

Webinar Preview: The 4 Components of an Employee-Led Lean Initiative

5 Strategy Deployment Software Mistakes to Avoid

Rolling Out Hoshin Kanri in 2018? Here Are Our Top Tips.

Frequently Asked Questions About A3 Software

Want to Get More Out of Rapid Improvement Events? Click Here.

The Ultimate Kaizen Software Checklist

10 Questions to Ask Before You Purchase CQI Software

Webinar Preview: Collaboration, Leadership, A-Ha Moments, and Lean

Best Practices for Successful Kaizen Events

Meet Some of the Pioneers of Lean Leadership

The Impact of Prescription Drug Pricing on the Quality of Healthcare

A Few Profound Thoughts on Gemba Walks

How Visual Management and Visibility Helps Lean Consultants

Webinar Preview: Cascading Strategy Through Hoshin Kanri

The Meaning of Hoshin Kanri: What, Why, and How

Top 7 Benefits of a Lean Management System

Post-Conference: How the KaiNexus Team Debriefs and Improves

11 Steps to an Effective Gemba Walk

Idea Boards for the Modern Workforce

10 Questions to Ask Before Investing in Lean Construction Software

Kaizen Event Planning in 7 Simple Steps

How A3 Software Supports Problem Solving

11 Rapid Continuous Improvement Tools and Techniques Explained

DMAIC: A Powerful Tool for Problem Solving

Essential Elements of Effective Lean Training

Advice on Daily Huddles, Scope Creep and Shifting Your Focus

Ask Us Anything: Improving the Patient Experience with Lean

A Simple Introduction to Putting Process Control Charts to Work

The Important Advantages of Hoshin Kanri for Strategic Planning

5 Prerequisites for Solid Continuous Process Improvement

A Mission to Partner with Patients to Improve Safety

Break Through Common Barriers to Improvement with CQI Software

Keys to a Successful Lean Construction Software Implementation

Five Changes Healthcare Leaders Make to Develop an Improvement Culture

Obeya in Action: The Process and Benefits of Obeya

The 8 Wastes of Lean are Shockingly Common. Here are Some Examples.

6 Pressing Questions Your Employees Have About Continuous Improvement

Going to the Gemba at Four Seasons Produce

Gemba Walk Essentials: What, Why, and How

How Digitizing Your Idea Boards Amplifies their Impact

How to Leverage Lean for Long-Term Success

The 5 Principles of Hoshin Kanri

Top 8 Reasons that CQI Initiatives Fail

Investing in Your Customer Experience Team is Always a Good Idea

Why We Care So Much About Continuous Process Improvement

Breaking Down a Baseball Swing (or a Workplace Improvement)

7 Critical Lean Construction Software Features

Bottom-Up Improvement: Finding Strength in Numbers

What Exactly IS a Kanban Board?

Insights into Tech and Healthcare from General Assembly Austin

7 Unexpected Benefits of Kaizen Events

If You’re Going to Set a Goal, Make it Big, Hairy, and Audacious

No Time for Gemba Walks? Spend More Time On Gemba Walks.

Think Outside the Electronic Suggestion Box

Webinar Preview: How to Leverage Lean for Long-Term Success

Five Lean Manufacturing Principles You Might Not Know

Why Process Control Charts are a Roadmap to Improvement

Ideas for Spreading Improvement from Our Lady of the Lake Hospital

Enhancing the Power of Idea Boards with Improvement Software

Strength in Numbers: Improving from the Bottom-Up [Webinar Preview]

What to Focus on When Picking Six Sigma Software

How Leading Companies are Improving Visual Management [WEBINAR]

10 Tips for a Successful Gemba Walk

From the Model A to the Model 3: The Cost of Failing to Improve

8 Important Questions about Kaizen Events, Answered

How Lean Coaching is Different for Bottom-Up Improvement

CQI Software: Advantages Beyond Project Management

Not Every Organization is Ready for PI Software. Is Yours?

The Trick to Implementing Efficient Bottom-Up Improvement

Implementing Lean Software? We’ve Got Tips.

6 Principles of Lean Construction

Common Questions About Process Control Charts

How Improvement Software Makes Hoshin Kanri More Effective

Ask Us Anything! How to Get Leadership Buy-In and Plan Kaizen Events

5 Unexpected Benefits of Improving from the Bottom Up

Deciding to Take the Leap: A Look at Improvement Software

Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) and Snow Cones

Typical Goals for Process Improvement Software

The 5 Things You Can't Spread Improvement Without

Some Recent Kaizen Event FAQs, Answered

What You Are Missing if You Don’t Use Standard Work

Questions to Ask When Choosing a Digital Huddle Board

The Need for Improvement Software to Measure Improvement KPIs

Lessons in Trust from David Ross’ Book "Teammate"

Lessons on Lean from the Spurs, and How to Get Staff On Board

Meet Up With Us at the 2017 Lean Healthcare Transformation Summit!

How Do Principals Really Improve Schools?

Why You Need Improvement Software to Share Vital Knowledge

Finding Your Creative Side to Deliver Service Excellence

Quotes to Make the Case for Strategy Deployment Software

The Value of Millennials in a Kaizen Culture & How to Keep them Happy

What is Service Excellence?

5 Reasons to Upgrade to Digital Huddle Boards

The Formula for Successful Strategy Deployment

Top Tips for Introducing Continuous Improvement to Employees

How Software Makes Gemba Walks More Effective

A Pittsburgh Hospital's Improvement Journey

How to Select the Best Kaizen Software Solution

10 Truths and 1 Lie About Standard Work

Free eBook: An Introduction to Continuous Improvement Software

CI is Practiced at US News & World Report Best Hospitals

Capture MORE Improvements with Continuous Improvement Software

An Introduction to Kaizen Software

Common Questions about Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI)

Why a BHAG May Be One of Your Best Tools for CI

An Introduction to Process Control Charts

"Lean Thinking" and the 5 Principles of Lean Manufacturing

9 Ways a Lean Management System Propels Positive Change

8 Standard Work Blunders You Can Absolutely Avoid

Continuous Improvement Leadership at Mohawk Paper

CI Software Helps You Implement MORE Improvements

16 Questions to Ask on Your First (or Next) Gemba Walk

A Preview of Next Week's Webinar: The Nexus of Lean & Zen

How We Use Kaizen and our Improvement Software to Get Better

How Implementing Hoshin Kanri Can Help You Predict the Future

An Overview of DMAIC for Beginners

What to Do When You Need Cost Cutting Ideas

A Pilot and a Focus on Engagement: Continuous Improvement at Mohawk

A Video Introduction to Continuous Improvement Software

Lean Leadership & Sustainment Q&A

Common Conceptions that Hinder Continuous Process Improvement

Get Your Lean Management System Off to the Right Start

Why Host Training & Classes in Your Continuous Improvement Platform?

The 5 Worst Things You Could Do When Using the DMAIC Framework

Improvement Consultants: How To Track Your Impact

Introducing KaiNexus Kiss: The Relationship Add-On

Do You Need PPM or Continuous Improvement Software?

Idea Boards: The Case for Change

The Top Ten Worst Things You Could Do on a Gemba Walk

Lean Construction – Frequently Asked Questions

Make Your Next Kaizen Event a Slam Dunk

The Right Way to Talk About Standard Work with Your Staff

How to Convince Your Boss to Invest in Kaizen Software

The Value of Lean in Professional Services Firms

Using Technology to Target the 8 Wastes of Lean

A Patient Safety Week Reminder About Continuous Improvement

Vet the Plan: A Guide To The Dilemma Of Planning in PDSA

When Good Gemba Walks Go Bad

The Carnegie Foundation on Continuous Improvement in Education

The Intersection of Culture & Technology [Webinar Preview]

Previewing How to Coach for Creativity and Service Excellence

The Advantages of Applying Lean in Education

Turning a PMO & Continuous Improvement into an Innovation Team

The Need for Lean in the Construction Industry

What You Need to Know About Working at KaiNexus

Rhythm, Motion, Basketball and…Lean?

Presenting at the Lean Construction Institute - Austin

Top 7 Most Important Features of Strategy Deployment Software

A More Effective Measurement of Improvement for Lean Consultants

Incident Reporting is Only the Beginning

The World’s Saddest Kaizen Board?

10 Commandments for Lean in Government

Why Rapid Improvement Events Are Better with Software

Are Gemba Walks Only for Managers?

Preview of An Upcoming Webinar on Bottom-Up Improvement

A Quick Guide to Lean Construction

Electronic Suggestion Box – Sounds Like a Good Idea … But

The 5 Fundamental Principles of Lean Manufacturing

How PDSA Could Have Prevented the "Muslim Ban" Fiasco

How Consultants Can Use Improvement Software To Their Advantage

Everything You Need to Know about Strategy Deployment  [WEBINAR]

Continuous Improvement in Higher Education

The Top 9 Reasons to Implement CAPA Software

Want KaiNexus? Here's How to Get it Approved.

Top Reasons to Consider a Digital 5S Tool

How to Manage Improvement Metrics More Effectively and Efficiently

How to Create a Control Chart for Managing Performance Metrics

How to Avoid 3 Visual Management Mistakes

How to Get Data You Can Actually Trust for the ROI of Improvement

Should You Introduce Improvement Software to Your Over-Loaded Staff?

Rapid Improvement Cycles – The Engines of Positive Change

Kaizen Event Best Practices

Hesitant to Move to Improvement Software? You're Not Alone.

Common Questions About Strategy Deployment Software

3 Reasons Kaizen Boards Often Disappoint

How to Increase Your Odds of Sustaining Innovations

How to Lead an Improvement Culture without Being a Huge Jerk

How Workflow Software Accelerates Improvement

5 Ways to Strengthen a Kaizen Culture

Strategy Deployment Fail: Don’t Let This Happen to You

We Wish People Enjoyed Their Work More - Let's Work on That!

The Importance of an End-to-End Lean Journey

Achieve Performance Excellence with Baldrige

Is a Kaizen Event the Right Tool for the Job?

Everyday Examples of the 8 Wastes of Lean

Top 10 Reasons to Invest in Lean Software in 2017

Strategy Deployment Lessons in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

The Election And Organizational Improvement: What We Can Learn

Continuous Improvement Resolutions for the New Year

Turning the Food Drive Model on Its Head with Continuous Improvement

How to Drive Performance Improvement Using KaiNexus in Healthcare

Taking Your Idea Boards to the Next Level

The Connection between Catchball and Culture

Yes, You Can Spread an Improvement Culture with Limited Resources

Demystifying the Plus/Delta

3 Ways to Get More Out of Your Huddle Boards and Meetings

The Four Phases of Strategy Deployment – Part II

The Four Phases of Strategy Deployment – Part I

Why This Organization Turned to Continuous Improvement Software

Lean Educational Resources

The Irony of NOT Using Improvement Workflow Software

Is Your Company Making this Gemba Walk Rookie Mistake?

What Makes KaiNexus Different From Your Standard Software Vendor

6 Critical Features of a Best-in-Class Lean Management System

The Election And Organizational Improvement: The Lesson We Can Learn

The Key to Successful Process Improvement

A Quick Guide to Innovation Management Software

5 Valuable Roles to Fill for Your Next Kaizen Event

The Evolution of Kanban

Are the Steps for Sustaining Improvement the Same for Everyone?

What is CAPA Software?

Why You Need a Gradual Improvement Software Implementation

Tips for Making Continuous Improvement More Accessible

Electronic Suggestion Boxes Don’t Work. Here’s What Does.

What Standard Work is NOT

KaiNexus User Conference Wrap-Up

One Off the Wall Way to Make Your Huddle Boards Better

The Lean Leadership Essentials

Can Hippo Leadership Please Be the Next Trend in Business Management?

Thoughts on 3 Problems with Top-Down Teams in an Improvement Culture

Why You Need Change Management Software for the 3 Phases of Change

Visual Management is Good. Virtual Visual Management is Better.

6 Reasons to Make Gemba Walks Part of Your Routine

4 Unexpected Benefits of Kaizen Events

Strategy Deployment Best Practices

The Pros and Cons of Idea Boards

8 Reasons to Digitize Your Huddle Boards

Critical Questions to Ask after Your Next Rapid Improvement Event

How to Sell Your Team On the Lean Tool of 5S

How to Get People to Embrace a New CI Software Platform

Incident Reporting System Features You Can't Afford to Go Without

Frequently Asked Questions About Agile Software

How Strategy Execution Software Solves 3 C-Level Problems

Why Your Political Beliefs are Confusing, and How that Applies to Work

5 Lean Leadership Principles to Remember

The Most Important Features and Benefits of DMAIC Software

How to Avoid Over-Burdening Your Managers in a New Improvement Culture

What Your Employees Need to Know About Gemba Walks

Why You Need ONE Platform for Incident Reporting AND CI

6 Reasons to Invest in a Kaizen Management System

Why I'm So Excited About "Kaizen Live!" Next Month

5 Signs You Should Consider Strategy Deployment Software

What KaiNexus Brings to Hoshin Kanri that You Just Live Without

How Technology Supports Your Improvement Methodology

The Role of Catchball in Strategic Planning

7 Improvement Techniques Made Easier with Lean Software

Huddle Boards: The Name Makes More Sense Than You'd Think

Making a Better Pitch for Your Improvement Initiatives

Clearing Up Some False Impressions about Kaizen Events

Why I’m So Excited About the Upcoming Change Management Workshop

Taking Your First Gemba Walk? Here are 10 Tips.

What is Kanban?

Want to Give Visual Management a Try? Order a Pizza.

The 4 Essential Functions of CAPA Software

Why We Prioritize Customer Success

What to Look for When Choosing a Digital Kaizen Board

A Lesson in Strategy Deployment from a 19th Century Cat

The Case for Digital Huddle Boards

Don’t Leave Your Visual Management Abilities in the Car

9 Reasons to Invest in a Lean Management System

Continuous Improvement Inspiration from Rio

5 Situations that Call for a Kaizen Event

The Cause and Cost of Silence in a Culture of Continuous Improvement

Should You Be Using PDSA or DMAIC?

For the Want of a System Better Than a Sticky Note, a Sale Was Lost

Everything You Want to Know about Hoshin Kanri, but Are Afraid to Ask

The Lean Leadership Reading List

Think You Are Credible? Think Again.

Top 5 Questions About Standard Work

Everything You Need To Know About Strategy Deployment [Webinar]

Bring the Spirit of Pokémon Go On Your Gemba Walk

The 7 Steps of Hoshin Kanri Planning

7 Simple Tips for Building Cross Functional Teams

What Every Company Can Learn From "Shirtless Saturdays"

Why Do I need Kaizen Software When I Already Have Excel?

What Leaders Can Learn from High Reliability Organizations

XYZ Thinking: Practical View of Scientific Thinking in Healthcare

A Simple Kaizen Event Roadmap

A Lean Transformation From a Struggling ED to Top Notch

How Improvement Software Reinforces the Principles of Lean

When Work Is Stressful and Dangerous, Employee Health Suffers

A Dirty Rug Reminds Me Why Employees Love Standard Work

Does Your Organization Have a Safety Net for DMAIC?

The Lean LEGO Story: Building Blocks of Continuous Improvement

Can You Do a Rapid Improvement Event Without Software?

The Case for Lean Leadership Technology

The Role of Continuous Improvement in Environmental Responsibility

Examples of the 8 Wastes of Lean in Everyday Life

Newsflash: KaiNexus Featured in Modern Healthcare!

The Science Behind the Resistance to Change [Webinar on Demand]

How’s Your Suggestion Box Working Out for You?

A Call For a Fundamental Change to Our Medical Culture

Is Your Visual Management Board Doomed to Fail?

Mining for Ideas: Continuous Improvement at Kinross

How Software Helps Conquer the 7 Wastes of Lean

What’s The Perfect Continuous Improvement Methodology?

Essential Capabilities of a Lean Management System

Hoshin Kanri Explainer: What’s It All About?

The Transformational Power of Kaizen Events

What to Look for When Evaluating Value Stream Mapping Software

What is Kanban and How Does It Support Improvement?

The Next Generation of Huddle Boards

Continuous Improvement Software Provides Solutions

8 Big Kaizen Event Blunders

If Your Improvement Software Doesn't Do This, Look for a New Solution

Is Accidental Deception and Coercion Slowing Your Improvement Culture?

Improving the Way We Manage [Preview of "Lean Hospitals" 3rd Ed.]

14 Benefits of Standard Work

Incremental Improvement: Scoring Big with Base Hits

Which of These 6 Improvement Methodologies Do You Need The Most?

Gemba Walks: Your Search for 85% of Your Organization's Problems

7 Kaizen Software Features You Shouldn’t Live Without

Everything You Need to Know From The Health Standards Twitter Chat

The 3 Ways Improvement Software Gets You Better Results

6 Reasons Why Your Cross Functional Teams Need Software to Collaborate

What Sets a Lean Organization Apart?

Lean Leadership: A Delicate Balancing Act

Top 7 Reasons to Implement a Digital Kaizen Board

How Toyota Memorial Hospital in Japan Does Electronic Kaizen

The Guide to Successful Gemba Walks [eBook]

Creating a Lean Foundation in Professional Services Firms [WEBINAR]

The Continuous Improvement Model – There’s an “App” for That

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Technology is Awesome... Except When It's Not

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The Joy of (Waste Reduction and) Cooking

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The Kaizen Parent: How to Have More Time for Fun at Home

Continuous Improvement Changed the Trajectory of My Life

5 Tips to Help You Get Started with Continuous Improvement

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Supporting a Great Cause

The Evolving Definition of Employee Engagement

Is Employee Engagement Software Worth the Money?

Need Help Developing Your Culture of Continuous Improvement?

"The Macgyver," and 7 Other Continuous Improvement Awards You NEED

Think an Electronic Suggestion Box Will Lead to Improvement?

How I Define Lean Leadership (Or How I Don’t)

What Makes You A Top Leader of Continuous Improvement?

6 Continuous Improvement Metrics That Actually Matter

The Power of Belief

5 Unexpected Ways to Justify an Investment in Six Sigma Software

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How to Get People Excited About Cross Functional Collaboration

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Running in Dress Shoes: A Cautionary Tale

Lean Healthcare Blog Roundup

Kaizen Software Questions that aren’t Asked Frequently Enough

18 Signs That You're Addicted to Continuous Improvement [SlideShare]

Gemba Walk FAQs

Quick Guide to the Language of Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI)

If Your Improvement Methodology Doesn't Look Like This, It's Wrong.

The Evidence-Based ROI of Continuous Improvement

9 Reasons Your Suggestion Box Failed

5 Signs It's Time to Invest in Employee Engagement Software

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9 Clear Signs That You Need Continuous Improvement Software

A Different Way to Think About Value Stream Mapping Software

The Essential Ingredients for Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI)

What is Kaizen, A-Z

Why You Need Idea Software ASAP

Kaizen Software Selection Checklist

4 Reasons "Continuous Improvement" Should Be Your Resume Filter

10 Lean Blogs That You Should Be Reading

What is Kaizen? KaiNexus Customers Speak

Mary Greeley Medical Center Talks About Lean and Baldrige Success

#ThrowbackThursday: KaiNexus Through the Ages [Photos]

4 Common Gemba Walk Mistakes: Are You Slipping Up?

What Are Some Common Barriers to Improvement and Innovation?

Basic Best Practices for Continuous Improvement

Applying the Principles of Kanban to Knowledge Work

PDSA: A Scientific Approach to Continuous Improvement

Getting Started with Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI)

The Top Five Mistakes Lean Leaders Make

How KaiNexus Helps Me Be A Better Coach

Cultivating A Lean Culture with Intention and Attention

The 4 Most Important Behaviors For Continuous Improvement Leadership

12 Women in Continuous Improvement That You Should Know

Patient Safety Highlight: Is Maternity Care Unnecessarily Dangerous?

Achieve Timely Breakthroughs with Rapid Continuous Improvement

Dr. Gregory Jacobson Once Again Takes the Reins as KaiNexus CEO

5 Reasons Jamie Flinchbaugh Is Awesome

4 Rocks to Look Under During Each Gemba Walk

Implement Hoshin Kanri Like A Pro

KaiNexus Highlighted as an “Innovative App” in USA Today

Improving Patient Safety After Altruism, Populism, and Evidence Failed

How To Make A Kaizen Kickoff Last All Year

The Empirical Case for Employee Recognition Software

The Role of Succession Planning in a Kaizen Culture

What This Hospital Does To Get Employees To Speak Up To Improve Safety

An Introduction to Hoshin Kanri

5 Employee Engagement Ideas for Creating a Culture of Change

5 Ways To Piss Off Your Employees and Kill Continuous Improvement

"Running Out Of Gas," and Other Continuous Improvement Verses

A Lesson in Kaizen from Yellowstone National Park

Collaborative Improvement Software in a Trucking and Logistics Company

Two Essential Ingredients for Effective Cross Functional Collaboration

Office Safari: How to Spot an Engaged Employee in the Wild

Broken Windows Theory in Continuous Improvement

3 Critical Pieces of a Culture of Continuous Improvement

How to Recognize and Resolve the 7 Wastes of Lean

5 Essential Functions of Kaizen Software

5 Continuous Improvement Metrics That Your CEO Actually Cares About

The Value Of Sharing Our Mistakes and Opportunities for Improvement

Do You Really Know The Definition of Employee Engagement?

A Love Letter To KaiNexus Customers

The 2 Most Important Things To Remember For Employee Engagement

Does Your Employee Engagement Strategy Elicit This Response?

A Look at Lean Training Alternatives

Software Overload? Continuous Improvement Software Is Still Worth It.

A Better Approach to Employee Engagement Activities

KaiNexus: HRO Software

Gemba Walk Do’s and Don’ts

For The Want Of A Nail: A Genius Approach to Employee Engagement Ideas

Continuous Improvement Leadership: 5 Things CEOs Can Learn from Chefs

5 Vital Attributes of a Lean Management System

Will Your Leadership Kill Your Culture of Continuous Improvement?

Standard Work: The Baseline for Continuous Improvement

Kicking Off A New Approach to a Culture of Improvement

10 Haikus About Continuous Improvement

Should You Engage Employees In Continuous Improvement? [Quiz]

What Do Great Continuous Learning Organizations Have in Common?

No Time For Continuous Improvement? Try These Tricks.

Take Your Continuous Improvement Process Beyond The Low Hanging Fruit

Do Spreadsheets Work For Continuous Improvement?

4 Innovation Tools that Accelerate Business Momentum

1.4% of Our Customers' Improvement Ideas Have An Impact > $100,000

When Continuous Improvement Leadership Should Use Bottom Up Management

4 Reasons Innovation Management Solutions Fail

Expert Answers To Continuous Improvement Model FAQs

Tired Of Traditional Software? Try Continuous Improvement SaaS

How To Increase Staff And Leadership Engagement in CI

The 7 Wastes Of Lean: Learn From These Examples of Wasted Motion

Step 1 To Engaging Your CEO in Continuous Improvement: Stop Whining

Save Yourself A Headache: Use Built-In Employee Recognition

Did You Know Cinderella Was A Lean Practitioner?

Employee Engagement Ideas Borrowed from Hubspot’s Culture Code

Continuous Improvement Is Only For Manufacturing (And Other Myths)

Why It's Tempting To Be a Hoarder... And Why A Lean Organization Isn't

Mark Graban Shares The Secret to Impactful Continuous Improvement

6 Habits of Highly Successful Continuous Improvement Leadership

We Agree: You Don't Have To Hate Your Job

5 Reasons Your Company Needs Innovation Software NOW

We've Always Said KaiNexus Customers Are Awesome... Here's Proof.

4 Ways to Make 2015 the Year of Continuous Learning

How To Overcome 3 Common Barriers to Cross Functional Collaboration

FedEx and UPS Didn't Ruin Christmas, Thanks to Continuous Improvement

Stop Losing Information with an Improvement Knowledge Repository

4 Awesome Employee Engagement Ideas for the New Year

IHOP Needs To Harness The Improvement Potential of Their Awesome Staff

Improve Communication and Get Everyone Talking with CI Software

Which of the Process Improvement Disciplines is Best?

Why Bother To Broadcast Improvements?

Our Christmas Gift To You: Resources for Continuous Improvement

Why Is Quality Assurance Important to Your Entire Business?

How To Avoid Continuous Improvement Program Paralysis

Big Idea 2015: Unleash The Hidden Talent in Your Organization

Evaluate Employee Engagement Like a Pro

Continuous Improvement Impact Reports

Anthony Bourdain on Continuous Improvement: Be "Less Awful Every Day"

What To Do With Small Problems

The Advantages of Complexity Reduction

Rock Process Improvement Using The DMAIC Approach

How Active Notifications Support Continuous Improvement

Value Stream Mapping Best Practices

Free Guide To Daily Lean Management

Respond Quickly to Engagement

Motivational, Non-Financial Employee Engagement Activities

When Is The Right Time For Business Process Improvement?

eD: Build vs. Buy

5 Capabilities to Look for in Project Tracking Software

Turbocharge 2015 with Business Improvement Software

KaiNexus Education Video Series: Improve Continually

The Benefits of Structured Improvement Management

5 Reasons to Consider Innovation Management Software

Process Improvement: Measure ROI of Continuous Improvement

Innovation Management – Frequently Asked Questions

Find a Solution

See How Easy A KaiNexus Implementation Is In This Customer Story

6 Employee Performance Improvement Techniques

Why Continuous Improvement Makes Sense

Learn How to Create a Culture of Improvement from a Pot Roast

Beyond the Suggestion Box Video

An Introduction to Gemba Walks

To Get Good Ideas, Identify Lots of Opportunities for Improvement

Process Improvement Best Practice: Capture & Use Tribal Knowledge

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